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“Clans are an integral part of the game. Join one to get in on the fun!”

  • Clans are a place where people can congregate and try to push themselves to their best potential while getting help from friends and competing with other clans to see what clan has the most skilled players.

  • Once you reach level 3 through leveling and gaining more , you are allowed to join a Clan.
  • Clans can have up to a maximum of 50 . Once a Clan is full, a player will have to leave, before another is able to join.
  • While in a Clan, you are able to donate to Clanmates.
    • You can donate 2 per request, and are allowed to request either 10 Common or 1 Rare card per request.
      • Howewer, if you are in Arena 1 (Goblin Stadium), you can donate only one card.
    • You can request every 8 hours for of your choosing.
    • These donations reward you with 1 XP and 5 per common card.
      • If a rare card is donated, you receive 10 XP and 50 instead.

  • Clan Score is based on the following factors:
    • Ranks 1-10 are worth 50% of the point total
    • Ranks 11-20 are worth 25% of the point total
    • Ranks 21-30 are worth 12% of the point total
    • Ranks 31-40 are worth 10% of the point total
    • Ranks 41-50 are worth 3% of the point total
  • As a result, clans can be top heavy and still rank high
  • Clan-wide donations are reset on a weekly basis, find your clans total beneath the clan points!
  • The clan tag povides a simple way to search for clans

  • Clan Leaders can choose between three settings for “type of clan” when starting, which can also be changed later:
    • Open: Anyone can join, provided they have the minimum amount of required.
    • Invite Only: Players can request to join (provided they have the minimum number of ) and anyone invited can join regardless of the trophy limit. Clan Elder, Co-Leaders and Leaders have the position of power to decline requests.
    • Closed: The Clan does not accept new people joining, unless they are invited.
  • The Clan Name is set at the Clan’s creation, and cannot be changed later.
  • The Clan Shield can be set and changed to your desired design whenever you want.
  • Leaders, and Co-leaders (see below) can change Clan Settings, included required Trophy level and Clan location.

It is important to note that clanmates will NOT be kicked as a result of not having the minimum amount of .

  • Clan can be given three promotions from member
    • have no special privileges within a Clan. They cannot kick or promote, nor change the Clan Settings.
      • This is the default role when you join a clan.
    • Elders are the first level of promotion. They are able to kick and invite or accept players to the Clan, but are not viable to change the Clan Settings.
    • Co-Leaders are the second level of promotion. They can kick and elders, recruit/accept players, and are able to change the Clan Settings.
    • The Leader is, for the most part, the player who created a Clan, however they can demote themselves while promoting someone else to the role of Leader. They have the same privileges as Co-leaders, however, the Leader is the only player in the Clan who can kick and demote everyone, no matter the player’s role.
      • Transferring leadership of a clan will demote yourself to Co-Leader, and your desired player will take the Leader role.

Daily Donation Limit

The Daily Donation Limit is something that restricts you from donating infinite in a day (60 ). Donating a rare card will be spent 10 capacity of the day. This refreshes every day.

  • A Balance Update coming 29/2/16 will increase the recived from donating Rare to 10 (from 5 ).


You can find clans here:

Or you can here: