Clash Royale September Update: Everything You Need To Know

Clash Royale September Update: Everything You Need To Know

News By Clash Royal 2016-09-07 08:08:19

According to the recent heads up from Supercell, here are some big changes Supercell are going to address in the big upcoming update:

  1. Lots of improvements for Tournaments.
  2. Legendary will be obtained much easier.
  3. New will be released.
  4. Better balance changes.
  5. Players will be able to mute Emotes

A big update to Tournaments and cheaters (wintraders) will be released in September. Tournaments are a stunning idea from Supercell but currently they are fully of cheaters (wintraders) which can easily win every single game. Also, the smallest costs $5 to start, which is too much for most players, making it hard to find a decent to join these days. I read a great idea couples of days ago on the , which said Supercell should allow players to host Tournaments with because basically can be bought with Gem. Hopefully Supercell would pay attention at this great idea. Also, in my humble opinion, Tournaments should cost a minimum of $1 to start.

Supercell said they would make Legendary much easier to obtain. I don’t really believe this until I see it because Legendary are their cash-cow. A change will be surely made, but not really big.

Tim[Supercell], one of the main Supercell employees confirmed on the that there would be a big change coming to the . At the moment, AI is so bad as you can win any battle against AI without even thinking. is made for players to test their decks and skills but hands down it is totally useless now. Hopefully Supercell will improve the AI in game much better!

Hands down Clash Royale is one of the most addicting and most popular mobiles games these days. Although the competitive nature of the game makes it both good and bad, but some big changes need to be made. Having that said, here are some big changes which will hopefully be in the upcoming September update from Supercell. Recently Supercell confirmed that there would be some major changes coming soon in Clash Royale in mid September. Till now, some of them have been revealed. Let’s take a closer look at the bigi upcoming Clash Royale September Update guys!

Normally, Superecell release at least one big update each for the game every month, adding new troops and features. The most awesome feature is the mode, unfortunately it is totally broken ’cause it costs too much money for casual players to host one. Its huge potential can’t be fully used at the moment.

Heading into the game, after playing couples of weeks, players will find it pretty hard to upgrade due to the costs, unless players spend at least dozens of bucks.

Another problem is, in Clash Royale, using Legendary can help you win the battles much easier due to the huge advantages they offer. Tons of players have spent hundreds of Dollars to get Legendary . You will find it extremely hard (or nearly impossible) to get a Legendary unless you are super lucky. This is a free-to-play game but many players have been thinking about it as a pay-to-win game because of those Legendary . Luckily, in the last update, Supercell released a great balance change update to nerf lots of Legendary , making them much weaker than before. This is something the community wanting for months.

Anyway, long story short, Clash Royale takes strategy and skill to win. A small mistake can ruin the whole battle. You can’t win the game If you are not good enough. If you are skillful enough to get into the Legendary Arena, you can easily get Legendary from in game by spending 40k for each. If you are a free-to-play player, no worries about this amount of , you can easily save up by donating for your friends and getting the daily bonus.